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Pointr is an innovative indoor technology solution that's multiplatform, easy to install and cost effective to maintain.

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Announcing The Most Accurate Blue Dot.
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At Pointr, we are industry experts in providing a real time blue dot within your venue's map. Our deployments range from positioning users in busy venues such as airports to asset tracking in warehouses.

We provide state of the art cloud platforms that help clients easily manage their venues, location based communications and showcase insightful data analytics.

Our Industries

And many more.

Pointr is installed in a wide range of venues from museums, libraries and offices, to hospitals and warehouses.

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Pointr Indoor positioning

Real-Time Position

Pointr Indoor navigation

Turn-by-turn Navigation

Analytics of location data including heatmaps

Analytics & Insights

Messaging services can also help with marketing and advertising


Smart venues allow improved user interaction and tracking features

Smart Venues

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