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At Pointr, we specialise in the indoor positioning of people, assets and deep data analytics. Built on our signature indoor positioning technology, we provide a robust platform enabling modules ranging from Indoor Navigation to Contextual Notifications, Location Based Analytics and Location Tracking. Our pioneering technology works both in an app environment and also without the need of an app.

Our unique differentiation is the delivery of a superb technological performance which is also lightweight and quick to implement, effortless to maintain and available through scalable cloud platforms that help clients easily manage every step of their stakeholder experience.

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December 20, 2018 in Technology

Location services startup gives directions to big customers through Microsoft marketing programs – Microsoft Customer Stories

Read the content of our Microsoft Customer Suceess story. “A customer might need the location technology we offer that Microsoft doesn’t have with its existing solutions or channels. We work…

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August 9, 2018 in Technology

Press Release: Pointr begins project with US Homeland Security to enhance passenger experience at Airports

14th August 2018 – London -Pointr announced that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) awarded Arup USA Inc. a contract to deliver wayfinding technology through the Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP). Arup has partnered with Pointr Limited of London, a UK startup that specializes in AI/AR infused indoor-location technology and analytics for the contract.

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June 26, 2018 in Technology

Talk to the future: voice commands are on the rise

Consumers have grown used to talking to machines. From navigating the menus of customer helplines, to asking Siri to beatbox, humans have learnt how to issue voice commands. Half of smartphone owners use voice technology on their phones; of them, a third use it daily.

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