Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We position Bluetooth® Beacons at carefully selected locations (where they are least visible) around the building and our software then processes the signals along with a range of other phone sensors to give an accurate position and direction (without requiring internet connection). When combined with a building layout or product catalogue, our algorithm can also give directions to the requested location(s) or product(s). At the same time as aiding navigation, our analytics module can collect data for processing at a later date (or even live if there is a data connection), while our messaging module can be used to pass messages/adverts from/to users based on location/busy-ness/demand. Please view our dedicated page on product features and our industries for further examples.

Which devices support Pointr?

Pointr requires Bluetooth Low Energy only which is found in most devices made in the last 3-4 years, including the iPhone 4S and later models, iPads, and Android 4.3 devices and later. Blackberry and Windows devices are capable of using Pointr but not currently supported. See here for a complete list.

What kind of accuracy can I get?

Our algorithms have been tested to deliver an accuracy of +/- 1m.

Where can you use Pointr?

We can deploy our technology in virtually any venue you desire. Currently deployments include Retailers, Airports, Industrial Venues, Exhibitions, Hospitals, Libraries and Work Places.

How much does it cost?

We have a range of pricing options to suit your business, please get in touch with your requirements to find out more.

How private and secure is my data?

Our software is designed so that all personal information collected by our algorithms is anonymised and stored securely. Within our SDK solution we do not collect any data through apps without the users permission and work closely with clients to ensure all of the latest data privacy laws and requirements are met.


What is the installation process?

Our installation process is hassle free and very lightweight. We can carry out the beacon deployment with our dedicated team of experts or partner with a third party depending on your requirements. Installation is quick (e.g. a train station with 18 platforms would take only a single night working after hours). Once beacons are deployed, we run a test to ensure everything is performing as it’s supposed to and you are ready to go.

Is deployment of Beacons expensive?

Not at all. Beacons are low cost devices (average price varies but ~£10-12) and once installed, they last for ~5 years without any maintenance. We have a cracking team of installers who have been trained to install beacons very rapidly, and typically takes few days for large venues.

What maintenance do the Beacons need?

The batteries in the beacons will last 5+ years and that is the only maintenance required. Our support agreement includes checking the beacon performance at least every 6 months to ensure nothing else goes wrong. We also have management tools that allow you to see via a web dashboard the health of your deployment and manage things accordingly.

How big are Beacons?

The beacons are about 5cm x 3cm x 2cm so are very difficult to spot.

Who do you source Beacons from?

Pointr is hardware agnostic and we source our beacons from third party providers so we can either supply them to you or you can source them directly. Some providers that we have worked with in the past and have had good experience with are Kontakt and GCell.

What is the range of the Beacons?

The Beacons can be detected up to 70 meters away, but our systems recommend Beacon placement within a building to help balance the number of Beacons with accuracy required, typically 20m apart.


What software does the user need?

Our solution comes in two forms: App Based and App Free. For our SDK product, users will need an app to tap into Pointr features. We have built an SDK that is easy to incorporate into your own app. We also have a white label app that we can customise for you, or even design an app from the ground up. Additionally, we have our App-Free-Analytics known as Pointr POP, where as the name suggests, the users require no app and the venue can get insightful location based data analytics. Please view relevant tabs for further information on each product.

What platform does your SDK work on?

Our SDK currently supports Android and iOS, Kiosk and WEB though if demand is high enough we may consider expanding to support to other platforms.

What customisations can I do to the software?

Our SDK allows you to be very flexible with the features of your implementation but we recommend getting in touch to discuss any specific customisations where they are required.

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