Pointr-enabled Aviation

Real-time positioning throughout the whole airport.

““We’ve trialled many different indoor positioning products. The precision and smoothness of Pointr Labs’ solution really stood out for us” ”

Heathrow AirportOctober 2015

Reduced travel anxiety and improved passenger experience from the moment they enter the car park until their departure. Optimised operations for both Airlines and Airports. Deep Location data and analytics for the commercial and operational teams.

Pointr was awarded the international tender for indoor location for Gatwick Airport, with many other airports to be announced soon.

Passengers Want Navigation

Industry surveys show the most desired mobile feature is navigation, with 55% finding it critical and 25% finding it very important.

Increased App Downloads

Passengers are going mobile, and providing user benefits is regularly voted the top way to increase app usage. Pointr adds features to your app, from navigation to messaging and airport information that help make their journey more relaxing and enjoyable.

Smarter Operational Decisions

Queue time measurement and heatmap generation help improve staffing rotas and airport processes to reduce delays. Pointr also helps you locate bags and passengers to give an understanding of who will make the flight on time whilst ensuring your passengers interaction is based on useful, real time data.

Increase Retail Revenue

The main reason people give for not purchasing in an airport is because they cannot find what they are looking for. Pointr helps passengers find chosen products more easily and the comfort of knowing travel time and route to the gate gives them more time to spend in duty free, increasing retail revenue by up to 30%.

Improved VIP Experience

Greet people by name on arrival, offer personalised experiences based on their preferences and allow them to order food and drinks from their seat.

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