Pointr-enabled Retail

Where do consumers spend time? What do they search for? What’s the most popular brand on a sunny day? How did a new campaign affect footfall?

We understand retail and have been honing our expertise in this space since day one. That is why clients such as Harrods work with us. From app engagement to app free tracking, conversation rates and many more.

With the increase of online retailers merging with the offline, it’s time to step up to the opportunity and unlock the power of indoor location.

Our work with Harrods

Product Search and Navigation

Help shoppers find what they are looking for, deliver a more relaxing and enjoyable experience and increase spending. Our dashboard allow the route to be customised via products or locations that are relevant to customers, increasing the opportunity to sell.

Improved Shopper Engagement

When accurate location information is combined with personalised messaging and offers, it delivers a new level of engagement which has been shown to increase sales by up to 30%. Our platform can deliver SMS, email or push messages. This offering also includes interactive notifications such as surveys. For example asking “How would you rate your experience at the restaurant” after a visitor spends time at the food court.

Shopper Analytics

We help you understand what brands and points of interest your customers are searching for, when and where. Combining this intelligence with inputs through our message tracking tools and analysing visit frequency and duration, allows you to give the best experience to your most valuable customers.

Our POP solution captures even those visitors who are not using your app. Giving insights as to traffic conversion rates, head counts, hotspots and much more.

Find a Friend

Sharing location with a friend just got easier. Tapping phones together or sharing an email address or ID allows shoppers to find each other, or keep track of children (or moms) in case they get lost. This also opens up more ways to connect within your venue and spend more time enjoying its offerings.

Request Support

With Pointr calculating shopper location, our software allows customers to request assistance from a store clerk, such as finding a different size, or even seeing the location of a manager on the map.

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