Indoor Mapping

State of the art, beautifully designed enterprise level digital maps.

Providing Indoor Mapping for the Best User Experience.

At Pointr we remove the hassle of putting together all the complexities of an indoor location experience. Indoor Mapping is part of that too. We have extensive experience in providing digital maps for venues of all sizes and when required working with mapping experts to give your customers the best user experience.

Accurately Simple

We believe in simplicity being the key to good customer experience. That is why we strive to build the most accurate yet simplest maps possible.

Adaptive Zoom

To keep the design clean, we apply adaptive zoom to our maps. Simply start zooming in and more details start appearing. Points of interest will never overlap.


A beautiful flow from one building to the next. Embracing your venue’s innovative design throughout each step.

Full Control

Your venue will be easy to manage. Simply click, name and publish POI’s, walls and much more. Instant silent updates on all devices. State of the art management tools.

Meticulously Branded

A brand is no longer a logo, a website, your business cards… It’s an experience. Thus, we carefully inspect your brand’s values, details and design everything to meet that vision.

Built for Performance

Drawn as vectors, then optimised into tiles for great performance. Zoom in and explore the venue without losing definition or slowing the user down.





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