Indoor Positioning System

Patented, world-class, real-time Indoor positioning.

Real Time Indoor Positioning

Our core offering is accurate, real-time indoor positioning in venues of all sizes and complexities. The difference between understanding whether a customer is standing in front of one brand or the other comes down to the quality of your indoor positioning. Which is exactly what we specialise in.

Our indoor positioning solution does not rely on the usage of the phone’s compass, which in many indoor environments fails to deliver useful orientation. Instead it uses a set of machine learning techniques, Bluetooth® sensors (beacons) and inertial sensors to provide a unique and effortless experience, every single time.

Pointr’s offering has been designed from ground up to be a lightweight SDK with minimum battery usage.

Key specs of indoor positioning include










We believe Indoor Positioning is quickly reaching to the point where every consumer is now beginning to expect to be able to use technology at hand to find points of interest, share locations with friends and ultimately independently navigate and get orientation at will.

As our industry grows, Indoor positioning will be more and more relevant to a plethora of sectors. Have a look at some of the industries we already operate in for further insights:

Our Industries


Understanding footfall, search analytics, heatmaps and being able to help people find the products they want to buy or even discover new ones through location based engagement is the key to enhancing the whole retail experience.


Real-time positioning throughout the whole airport. Improved passenger experience from the moment passengers enter the car park until their departure. Optimised operations for both airlines and airports. Deep location data and analytics for the commercial and operations team.


Track, analyse and enhance operations. From complex factory settings to large construction sites. We offer both tailored solutions and out of the box modules providing plethora of services such as asset tracking, historical path replays and smart reporting functionalities.

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