Location Based Analytics

Optimisation begins with accurate and scaleable data measurement.

So long are the days of using clickers or pen and paper to write down the locations of people. Whilst hardware such as video cameras can give you data around headcounts, Pointr’s technology can give you insights such as return customers, fine grain heatmaps, search intentions and much more.

Pointr’s indoor location based
analytics solution comes in two forms

App Based Tracking

Pointr’s app solution is where our indoor positioning SDK is embedded into a client’s or venue’s app to bring out the power of indoor location.

  • Multiplatform app (iOS & Android)

  • Increased customer engagement

  • Targeted analytics

  • Quick setup with minimal maintenance

  • Customisable

App-free Tracking (POP)

Pointr’s POP devices are powered by electrical power and track Wi-Fi and BLE signals so that venues can unlock the power of location data without users needing to have an app. Key modules include:

  • Queue Monitoring

  • Heat Mapping (zonal)

  • Asset Tracking

  • Beacon Monitoring

Data Analytics Include


  • Accurate

  • Customisable

  • Accessible via the web

  • 24/7 data capturing

  • Unlimited users

  • Dwell times, hot zones

  • Exportable Data

  • Select time, select users (segmented)

  • Historical replays

Engagement Analytics

  • Web dashboard

  • Search Insights

  • Surveys and Reporting

  • Track open/received

  • Conversion rates

  • Engagement Levels

  • Correlate with other data

App-Free Analytics

Without the need for an active connection (e.g. connected to wifi or hotspot), POP can capture any device which has Wi-Fi or BLE enabled. This allows you to analyse customer behaviour through metrics such as:

  • Return vs new customers

  • Conversion rates

  • Queue lengths

  • User flows

  • Dwell times and Heatmap

Get in touch to discuss the indoor location analytics requirements of your venue.